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New York City's Center for the Study of Hepatitis C, established in 2000 at The Rockefeller University, Weill Medical College of Cornell University and New York- Presbyterian Hospital, is the only comprehensive, multidisciplinary center dedicated to the study of HCV and hepatic disease in the tri-state area. Initial funding was provided by the Greenberg Medical Research Institute. Ongoing research depends heavily on grant support from the National Institutes of Health and private donations.

The unique collaborative environment of the Center allows prominent scientists and dedicated physicians to work together to understand HCV infection, to effectively manage its associated liver disease, and to develop new treatments for HCV-infected patients.

The Center is committed to:

  • Outstanding patient care
    The specialized diagnostic and therapeutic needs of patients with chronic HCV are met at the Center. In addition, several sub-populations of chronically infected patients are receiving attention at the Center. These include children and adult patients with renal failure, HIV co-infection, liver transplants, cryoglobulinemia or other HCV-associated diseases.

  • Clinical trials
    The Center focuses on improving current treatment and developing new therapies for HCV through large multicenter as well as small-scale clinical trials.

  • Clinical research
    A comprehensive collection of archived samples is being amassed as a resource for clinical and basic studies. The associated database allows access to important clinical data while preserving patient confidentiality.

  • Basic science research
    The Center features one of the world's leading laboratories in the study of the molecular, cellular, and structural biology of the hepatitis C virus, as well as the interactions between the virus, cells of the liver, and the immune system. These studies are essential for the creation of prophylactic and therapeutic treatments.

  • Education and outreach
    The Center is dedicated to the continuing education of its physicians and scientists, to fostering inter-institutional and international collaborations with HCV experts outside of the Center, and to relaying the latest developments in HCV treatment and research to patients and the public.