Center Announcements

2014-2015 Semiar Series
Rockefeller University Campus, Weiss 305
Refreshments at 4:30PM, Seminar at 5:00PM (unless otherwise indicated)

July 18, 2014, (10:00AM)
"Regulation of hepatitis B virus replication and assembly"
Jianming Hu, M.D., Ph.D.
The Pennsylvania State University
September 16, 2014, Weiss 301
“Viral fitness landscapes: a new window into virus biology”
Ashley Acevedo 
University of California, San Francisco
October 21, 2014
“Entry and entry inhibition of hepatitis B and hepatitis delta virus”
Stephan Urban, Ph.D.
Heidelberg University
November 18, 2014
“Yin-Yang of the interferon system – RNA adenosine deaminase ADAR1 and RNA-dependent protein kinase PKR act as opposing modulators of the interferon response”
Charles Samuel, Ph.D.
University of California, Santa Barbara
December 2, 2014
“Metabolism and function of hepadnaviral cccDNA and their regulation by host immune response”
Ju-Tao Guo, Ph.D. 
Drexel University College of Medicine
January 20, 2015
“A balancing act: miR-122 and HCV replication”
Stanley M. Lemon, M.D.
University of North Carolina, School of Medicine
February 10, 2015 
“Hepatitis delta virus” 
John Taylor, Ph.D.
Fox Chase Cancer Center
March 17, 2015
“Structural biology of (membrane) proteins of hepatitis C Virus: lessons and challenges”
François Penin, Ph.D. 
Bases Moléculaires et Structurales des Systèmes Infectieux
April 14, 2015
“Pivotal roles of DEAD-box RNA helicase RCK/p54 in hepatitis C virus gene expression”
Cara T. Pager, Ph.D. 
University at Albany, State University of New York
April 28, 2015
“Gender and Maternal Effects on Hepatitis B Virus Replication and Persistence in Mouse Models”
James Ou, Ph.D.
University of Southern California